My new nutmeg grater.*

There is always that glint in the eye when they reach the gadgets section. They finger the strawberry hullers, the cherry pitters, the green-bean slicers and plastic lettuce knives. They study the pineapple corers, the six different sizes of meatball makers and the 17 different graters, wondering which one they can reasonably justify as a purchase right now. No worries. There’s always something that’s a must-have.

They are the gadget freaks and I recognize them because I am one of them. It started many years ago when I bought a French parsley mill because I liked the look of it. I hardly ever used it for parsley but found it to be a dandy garlic chopper and used it that way for many years before it finally fell apart on me.

I’ve had to dial down my gadget-seeking gene, if only because there is no more space in my gadget drawers (yes, that’s plural!). But I could not resist this one; a knuckle-saving nutmeg grater that also acts as a round little storage bin for the whole seeds. (more…)